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Pomajoy Sunset Dreams

-Sunny's Show Results-

Were so proud of this little man!!

Southern Counties Champ show 2012

Open Dog - 2nd D'Arcy and Duffield's Pomajoy Sunset Dreams, black, attractive masculine compact male, very nice expression, strong jaws, well carried small erect ears, dark eyes well apart placed, level topline, compact & well over back carried tail, off standing coat, good reach in the side gait, parallel hind movement, nice temperament


Southern Pomeranian Club Championship show 2012

Judge Breed Specialist and Top UK Pom breeder Mrs Averil Cawthera-Purdy - 1st Limit Dog: D’Arcy & Duffield’s Pomajoy Sunset Dreams - What lovely movement this lad has but not surprising when he is so well constructed and balanced. Blackest of black coats with gleaming guard hair, beautifully presented. Loved his tight feet and strong pasterns. Excellent spring of rib, though his coupling could be shorter which had to count in the final analysis for the top honours when I was splitting hairs


LKA Champ Show 2012

Judge Breed specialist Miss Caroline Odd - Limit Dog - 1st D'Arcy and Duffield's Pomajoy Sunset Dreams, 3 year old black, a fraction strong in muzzle, correct eye, small ears, upstanding male, well set tail in enough coat to make a reasonable shape when stood, moved very true which gave him his class


Manchester Champ Show 2013

Judge - Bryan Claydon - 2nd LD - D’Arcy  and Duffields Pomajoy Sunset Dreams – Another quality black who has gorgeous eyes, a well balanced dog that moves well, good front, short coupled, nice size, just preferred the head of my winner


Untied kingdom Toy Dog Society Champ Show 2013

Judge - Neville Ibertson - 2nd LD - D'Arcy & Duffield's Pomajoy Sunset Dreams. Nice black, close to first, just preferred head of first, but nevertheless, a lovely boy with all the attributes of first, presented, moved and showed well


Northern Pomeranian Club UK Champ Show 2013

Judge - Breed Specialist Miss Mellisa Hills - LD (12,1) - Very hard class, and some dogs I liked went cardless. 1st D'Arcy and Duffield's Pomajoy's Sunset Dreams. Black dog, good mouth, small well set ears, stood four square, good shoulder, short back, good tail set, sound movement won the class.


Loughborough District CS Open Show 2013

Judge Mrs Janet kay - Open Pom 1st. D'arcy and Duffield's Paavali's Pomajoy Sunset Dreams 3 year black dog. Small compact dog with correct harsh outer coat and soft under coat. Moved smartly.


Southern Counties Champ Show 2013

Judge Graham B Foote - 2nd LD D'Arcy & Duffield Pomajoy Sunset Dreams, another black with excellent movement. Nice compact body, good tail set and carriage, just preferred the expression of winner. This fellow was inclined to fly his ears which were a little wide set, showed very well.


Melton Mowbray CS Open Show 2013

Judge Mr Chris Toynton - Open Pom 1st D'arcy & Duffield's pomajoy sunset dreams. Fully mature black boy with fullest of coat & jet black pigment, darkest of eye, masculine head, good length of back, correct tail, well muscled with defined second thigh, height to length ratio is all in good proportion with lovely compact body, nice turn of stifle, stands four square & keeps his topline well standing & on the move, a very sound & purposeful mover who just gets on with the job in hand, handled & presented beautifully, easily took the class, BOB & toy grp1


Bridgford DC Open Show 2013

Judge Breed Specialist Mrs Lynn Fox - Open 1st Pomajoy Sunset Dreams. 3 yr old black, good dentition, nice head, lovely oval eyes, short back with high tailset, fabulous small cat-like feet, superb movent and so attentive to his handler, I have admired this boy from ringside and did not disappoint. A pleasure to award him BOB


Hillsbrough Open Show 2013

Judge Mr Brian Townsend - Open - 1st D'arcy & Duffield's - Pomajoy Sunset Dreams. Black dog again presentation is a premium from this kennel. Lovely eye, scores in head and sound from head to rear and so true on the move. Demonstrates a great deal of confidence and ring presence and I note he is the sire of my 1st placed exhibit in Post Graduate who pushed him hard for the B.O.B. for which I awarded him in a close decision


City Of Cambridge 2014

Judge Mr R,J Ellingford - 1st open Pom D'Arcy & Duffield's Pomajoy Sunset Dreams black dog plentiful coat, alert expression, square proportions, good angles front and rear, solid topline, deep chest, profusely coat tail carried correctly RBOB.


Ely Open Show 2014

Judge - Mr Ray Moorland - Open pom 1st - D'arcy & Duffield's Pomajoy sunset Dreams, lovely size, showing an appearance of compactness, alert bright expression, stood true and square, in good coat, well presented, easy free flowing movement, BOB


Matlock & District Open Show 2014

Judge Mrs E Terry -  Open Pom - 2nd Pomajoy Sunset Dreams. 4 year old black dog. Nice head with correct eye shape and good strong scissor bite.Small neat well placed ears.Lovely, very well presented harsh double coat with high tailset and great plume.Would have liked to see him with a bit more of a spark but had a nice overall shape and moved well





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