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Ragnar & Nestor returned home to they're breeder Hans Kaald during COVID

Unfortunately his breeder then promptly stole two puppy girls from us which ended our friendship. Therefore we cannot recommend Hans Kaald as a trusted breeder.

Ragnar is not standing at public stud.

- Ragnar-

-Show Results-


Midland Counties Champ Show 2019 & Qualifying Crufts 2020 - 1st PD (3 JW Points)

Midland Counties Champ Show 2019 - 2nd Eukaneuba Puppy Dog stakes

South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2019 1st PD & BPDIB & BPIS (3 JW Points)

Puppy Semi Finalist at The Pomeranian Club Contest Of Winners show 2019

LKA Champ Show 2019 - 2nd PD

Boston Champ show 2020 - 1st PD & BPD & BPIB & TPG2 (1 JW Point)

The South Of England Pom club Open Show 2020 - 1st JD, Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show (1 JW point)

Crufts 2020 - 3rd Junior Dog - Qualifying for Crufts 2021





-Ragnars Show Critiques-


Midland Counties Champ Show 2019

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Nicky Worthington Puppy Dog 1st D'Arcy & Duffield's Ta Bozi's Ragnar. 9 month old orange sable, good correct harsh coat, buoyant on the move, need to settle a little, good set and size of ear, lovely tight cat-like feet, sweet expression, tail set correct and plenty of plume, lovely movement in both directions, beautifully presented, another one to watch.


South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2019

Breed specialist judge Mrs Brenda Fleetwood - Puppy Dog - 1st D’Arcy & Duffield : TA BOZI’S RAGNAR (Imp) this puppy had a beautiful head and expression, excellent teeth and bite, nice almond eye all head features were lovely. Short neck sitting nicely into shoulders and shoulder placement 90 which produces correct pom movement. He made a beautiful shape on the table, his coat was a harsh in texture, dark cream sable and very w4ll presented. Lovely tail plume and tail set on high. Stood a little outstretched at times. However he certainly deserved BPIS. Today


LKA Champ Show 2019

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Janet Rowley - Puppy Dog 2nd  D’Arcy & Duffield’s Ta Bozi’s Ragnar NAF TAF. Another quality puppy, very pretty head and expression with black pigmentation.  He has a short neck and correct shoulder placement, he has a high set tail laid flat which is furnished with a great plume, he has a super body with excellent muscletone. He carries an immaculately presented, correctly textured o/s double coat. He moves correctly, has a fabulous disposition and puts 100% into showing himself off, handled to perfection

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Ragnar is now retired 


Best Puppy In Show -South Of England Champ Show 2019

The Pomeranian Club - Contest Of Winners Puppy Semi Finalist

Best Puppy In Breed & TPG2 - Boston Champ Show 2020

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