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Paavali teddybear Poms



We do not breed for the puppy market but may occasionally have puppies and older dogs for sale if we cannot keep them for showing. If we don't, We will try and put you in touch with reputable breeders who do. Alternatively take a look at the Pomeranian breed club websites below as reputable Pom breeders will be members of them and be able to advertise on them. Please make sure whomever you buy your puppy from is a member of at least one of these clubs and is Also a UKAS certified KC Assured Breeder


If you are interested in a Puppy from us please contact us for more information

 Please include your reasons for wanting a Pom, your working hours, family, childrens ages, other pets and home as our puppies will only go to the best and most suitable homes.

We do not sell Teacup, micro, mini or teddy Puppies as they simply do NOT exist within our breed and if a breeder tries to tell you they do, then you are being scammed or you are buying from someone who has no idea about our beautiful breed.

(A deposit taken for a puppy is non refundable under ANY circumstances)

None of the puppies below are available

All of the above dogs have been bred by us at Paavali, we own all pictures and do not allow copying or distribution unless prior permission is granted by ourselves

Please inform us if you see these pictures anywhere else.

Kind Regards from Paavali

We currently have puppies available, please contact us for more information

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