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Reinswind Of Chiao Li Ya At Paavali (Imp Twn)



Windy is from the world famous Chiao Li Ya kennel in Tiawan and is just the sweetest and most loving girl you could ever imagine. She loves to be cradled like a baby and would happily stay in that position for hours.

She and Saber were the first 2 white Kennel Club registered Pomeranians to enter the country in over 20 years when they arrived in 2010.

It has taken us numerous years but recently Windy x Saber produced for us two stunning pure white puppy dogs

we are absolutly delighted to welcome them into the world and hope they, in time, can assist in the worldwide white Pomeranian breeding program to help establish a healthy, correct and quality white gene pool that appears to be lacking in some areas of the world.

Unfortunately neither of these puppies will be available for sale

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