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Ch Paavali's Queen Of Hearts



Stud Book Entry & Qualified Crufts For Life



Show Results


Darlington Champ Show 2016 - 1st PB (3 JW points)

Manchester Champ Show 2017 - 2nd JB

City Of Cambridge Open show 2017 - 1st Jnr Pom (1JW)

Isle Of Ely Open Show 2017 - 1st Jnr Pom (1JW)

Nottingham KA 2017 - 1st J Pom & BOB & TG1 & RBIS Qualified Crufts 2018 (1JW)

Spire Toy Dog 2017 - 1st J Pom (1 JW)

UK ToyDog Champ Show 2017 - 3rd JB

Pom Club Champ Show 2017 - 1st JB (1 JW)

North Lincs DC 2017 - 1st JB (1 JW)

Northern Pom Club Champ Show 2017 - 1st JB (3 JW)

WELKS Champ Show 2017 - 2nd LB

Birmingham Champ Show 2017 - 2nd LB

Southern Counties Champ Show 2017 - 1st LB

Paignton Champ Show 2017 - 1st LB & BCC & RBOB = Stud Book & Qual Crufts for life

Manchester Champ show 2018 - 2nd LB

Uk Toy Champ Show 2018 - 2nd LB

The Northern Pomeranian Club champ Show 2018 - 1st LB & BCC & RBIS

Southern Counties Champ Show 2018 - 1st LB & BCC & RBOB (Champion)


Show Critiques


Darlington Champ Show 2016

Breed specialist judge Mrs Janet Rowley 1st PB - D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavali's Queen Of Hearts. Very promising orange puppy, super eyecatching showgirl, so vivacious and dainty, fabulous condition and muscletone, pretty head and expression, black pigmentation, correct mouth and bite, small well placed ears, great body and muscletone, good barrel of rib, right up on her toes at all times, neat tight cat like feet, tail high set laid perfectly flat, perfectly presented, moved correctly afore and rear, ultra sound, flamboyant, absolutely full of Pom extravert personality, she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring.


Manchester Champ Show 2017

Breed specialist judge Mr William Stone 2nd JB - D'Arcy & Duffields Paavali's Queen Of hearts. Dark orange/sable pup. Nice sound fined bone bitch, very pretty head with cheeky expression with correct shaped eye with neat small ears, small stop with good jaw line with correct bite, good straight front with good topline, nice textured coat for her young age, nice compact body with nice high correct tail set, she was so sound and went well around to ring. Another nice pup.


City Of Cambridge Open show 2017

Judge Mr Nick Gourley 1st J Pom - D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavali's Queen Of Hearts. Very eye catching youngster, just out of puppy. Beautiful head and expression. Small ears set high. Makes a perfect shape stood, very compact. Dainty limbs and feet. Excellent tail set. Coat texture spot and thickening up well. Very sound. Hope two Weetabix a day does the trick


Isle Of Ely Open Show 2017

Judge Mrs Melissa Wells - Pomeranian: Junior 1st  - D'Arcy & Duffield's bitch Paavali's Queen of Hearts. Liked her expression - though I expect she could be a little 'minx' at times. Nicely balanced in angulation and moved very freely and soundly. Lovely tight feet.


Nottingham KA 2017

Judge Laurie Hunt - 1st J Pom - D`Arcy & Duffield's Paavali`s Queen of Hearts, Best of Breed, Winner Toy Group & Reserve Best In Show, compact very sound, lively and intelligent dainty, balanced head with foxy in outline, with muzzle finely finished, clean bit with strength to jaw, eyes placed well and of fair size, slightly oval, ears carried erect and fairly small, good front with neck rather short and placed well in to shoulders, body short compact well ribbed up, fine bone with medium angulation, small compact feet, tail set high and placed well over back, covered well with long harsh coat, moved freely and brisk sound, full of life. 

Our beautiful little Hope was given her name when I was

trying to stop her from dying as a tiny puppy.

Hope was all we had left as nothing I did appeared to work.

But she is such a fighter and while she had a heartbeat, I couldn't give up on her.

Today she is treasured beyond words and is known as daddy's little Princess. She is one of the most beautiful Poms we've ever seen. Every day with Hope is a blessing and as a very happy, healthy and much loved girl we look forward to having in her our lives for a very long time.

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