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Persimoone Queen Bee At Paavali

1 CC + 1 RCC winner!

Stud Book number & Qualified Crufts 4 Life + Joint 10th Top Pomeranian 2014


-Bee's show record-

LKA Champ Show 2012 - 2nd Puppy Bitch - Qualifying Crufts 2013

Upwell Dog Training Match Night, Dec 2012- Best Pup In Show (BPIS)

Manchester Champ Show 2013 - 3rd Puppy Bitch - Qualifying Crufts 2014

Cambridge Open Show 2013 - 3rd Junior Pom

Crufts 2013 - VHC Special Puppy Bitch

UK Toy Champ Show 2013 - 3rd Junior Bitch

The Northern Pom Club Championship Show 2013 - VHC Junior Bitch

WELKS Championship Show 2013 - Res Junior Bitch

Loughborough and District Open show 2013 - 1st Junior Bitch + Best Puppy Bitch in Breed + Best Of Breed!!

Southern Counties Championship Show 2013 - 2nd post Graduate Bitch

Melton Mowbray CS open show 2013 - 2nd Open Pom + Best Puppy In Breed + Toy Puppy Group 3

Welsh kennel Club Champ show 2013 - 2nd Post Grad Bitch

Driffield Champ Show 2013 - 1st Yearling Bitch

Bridgeford District Open Show 2013 - 3rd Post Grad Pom

Grantham District open Show 2013 - 2nd Post Grad AVNSC

Hillsborough District Open Show 2013 - 2nd Post Grad Pom

Matlock and District open Show 2014 - 2nd Post Grad Pom

Crufts 2014 - 1st Special yearling + Bitch RCC

The Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show 2014 - 1st Open Bitch + Best Bitch Challenge Certificate (1st CC) + RBOB

Northern Pomeranian Club open show 2014 - 2nd Open Bitch

Boston Champ Show 2015 - 3rd Open Bitch

The South Wales Pom Club Champ Show 2016 - 2nd Special Open Brood Bitch

- Bee's Critiques -

LKA Champ Show 2012

Judge Breed Specialist Miss caroline Odd - 2nd D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Queen Bee. 6 month old orange, correct eye good muzzle length, ears ok, good front and body, high set tail, another correctly sized bitch, would just like to see a stronger rear.


Loughborough District CS Open Show 2013

Judge Mrs Janet kay - Junior Pom 1st. D'arcy and Duffield's Paavali's Persimoone Queen Bee at Paavali 11 month bitch. Lovely foxy head, with a twinkle in her eye. I think she could be very mischievous. (Extrovert). Very good black pigmentation to eye rims and nose. Small, well set erect ears, short neck. Compact well ribbed body with enough loin. Lovely feet as she moved and owned the ring pleased to give her BOB and BP


Southern Counties Champ Show 2013

Judge Graham B Foote - 2nd JB - D'Arcy & Duffield's Perismoone Queen Bee At Paavali. orange, only 11 months, deep chest, well rounded ribs, excellent coat for age, well set tail, and very well schooled which showed in her control on the lead and her attentiveness to her handler.


Driffield Championship show 2013 

Breed specialist judge Mr G Wattam - YB 1st D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Queen Bee at Paavali. Super sound with good drive, good head, small ears, level topline.


Matlock  & District Open Show 2014

Judge Mrs E Terry - 2nd PG Pom - Persimoone Queen Bee at Paavali. 20 month old orange bitch. Sweet foxy head with great pigment and a correct scissor bite.Longer in muzzle than one and slightly larger ears.Huge well presented coat.High tail set with great plume. Nice dual purpose girl with sound movement coming and going.


Crufts 2014

Breed specialist Judge, Mrs Lynn Lythgoe - 1st Special Yearling Bitch + Reserve BCC - D'Arcy + Duffield's Persimoone Queen Bee At Paavali . A quality bitch, dual purpose bitch, fabulous body, good rib, excellent temperament, in stance the perfect shape with plume to her ears, almond eye, short neck, well set into her body, moved with drive, could quite easily change places with my CC winner on another day.


The Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show 2014

Breed specialist Judge Mr Willim Stone (Bilijees) - 1st Open Bitch + B.C.C  - D’arcy & Duffield's - Persimoone Queen Bee at Paavall.

Love the head on this bitch nice short muzzle with full correct bite with well placed neat ears, eyes correct size and shape which makes up for a lovely picture. Correct rib cage and body to go with it, with good weight, head sits on the shoulders with nice straight top line finished with a correct tail set with full plume

Really good straight front with correct angulation on the back it really shows when she moves, really nice sound bitch ,she showed like a dream .I loved her today she made the real picture for me


The Northern Pomeranian Club Open Show 2014

Breed Specialist Judge  Mrs Julie Chinn (Midawn) 2nd Open Bitch D'Arcy & Duffields, Persimoone Queen Bee at Paavali's.  Rich Orange coat, harsh and excellent presentation. She makes an excellent shape, and shows her socks off. Her head is a little plain, but neat ears and a good mouth. She moved beautifully, at one with her handler, very sound and free moving. An asset to the kennel.


We are so incredibly proud of Bee and her Crufts 2014 win!

1st Special yearling bitch and Bitch RCC - Crufts 2014

Bee now has won her first CC by winning 1st Open Bitch + Best Bitch and RBOB at The Welsh kennel Club Show 2014! Only two more CC's needed and Bee will be our first Champion!!!

Bee is absolutely delightful and is so loving to everyone and everything. She has a wonderful showy attitude and conformation to match the best of examples. She is an outstanding girl in every way, who is proving herself to be a very serious contender at the very highest level of showing among the best dogs in the world by having just won the bitch RCC at Crufts. This also qualifies her for her stud book number and Crufts for life!

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