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Paavali's Storm Lord


1x RCC,  Stud Book Entry & Qualified for Crufts For Life


We're very excited by Odie's many qualities. He loves his training and to please us, so he is perfect both at home and away and is an utter delight to have on our team.

Odie and his sister Ellie, both qualified for Crufts 2016 at their very first show

Since then Odie has won his 1st RCC, Stud Book entry and also Qualified for Crufts for life

He has only been shown a handful of times so we are extremely delighted by his achievements

He has a very exciting future ahead of him

Odie is no longer standing at Paavali, therefore he is no longer able to be offered for stud.



Show Results


Birmingham National Champ Show 2015 - 3rd MPD & Qualifying Crufts 2016

Southern Counties Champ Show 2015 - 3rd MPD

Leeds Champ Show 2015 - 2nd PD

Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show 2015 - 3rd PD

City Of Birmingham CA Champ Show 2015 - 4th PD

Richmond Champ Show 2015 - 4th PD

The Northern Pom Open Show 2015 - 2nd PD

Darlington Champ Show 2015 - 1st PD, BPDIB & RCC (Qualifying Crufts for life and Stud Book number) (3 JW Points)

South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show 2015 - 1st PD (3 JW Points)

Darlington Champ Show 2016 - 2nd LD

South Of England Champ Show 2016 - 1st LD

LKA Champ Show 2016 - 2nd LD


Show Critiques


Leeds Champ Show 2015

Breed specialist Judge Mrs Sue Smith  - 2nd PD - D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavali Storm Lord. Another nice puppy, very smart, in good coat, sweet head, moved well


The Northern Pom Club Open Show 2015

Breed Specialist Judge Mr Chris van-de-Burge - 2nd PD - D’Arcy & Duffield's Paavali;s Storm Lord. 11mths Cream nice size good head and expression neat ears short well balanced body high tail made a lovely picture standing moved well


Darlington Champ show 2015

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Cath Stewart - 1st PD & RCC - D'Arcy's & Duffield's Paaval's Storm Lord. Light orange, a lovely little dog and all male, very short in back with perfect tail set, in good coat which was well presented, lovely sweet head and expression, moved soundly, and showed well for handler, couldn't see past him in challenge for RCC


South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show 2015

Breed Specialist Judge Miss Vanda Smith - 1st PD - D'Arcy & Duffields Paavali's Storm Lord - Awaiting Critique


Darlington Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Janet Rowley - 2nd LD -  Boyes’ Paavali’s Storm Lord, dainty cream, pretty head & expression, black pigmentation, correct mouth & bite, small correctly placed ears, immaculate harsh double coat, presented in absolutely perfect condition & muscletone, good barrel of rib, short & compact, tail high set laid flat with profuse plume, correct movement afore & rear, stood foursquare naturally, a super showman who was handled to perfection;


South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mr Derick Kee (7) 1st LD - Boyes’ Paavali’s Storm Lord, smart little dog with good coat colour in clear cream. Sound in all respects


LKA Champ Show 2016

Judge Mr Stephen Goodwin

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