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Paavali Arya's Heart N'Soul




This girl has everything we could ever ask for.

-Show Critiques-

Uk Toy Champ Show 2022, breed specialist judge Mrs Janet Rowley - PB (12,4) 1 D’Arcy & Duffield’s Paavali Arya’s Heart N’Soul - Pretty head and intelligent expression which is enhanced by her dark eyes and striking jet black pigmentation, small correctly placed ears which are fully hidden in her profuse head hair, correct mouth and dentition, short neck well set in clean well laid back shoulders, perfect body and muscle tone, fairly deep chest in proportion, well ribbed up with well rounded barrel, she is fully furnished with an impressive beautifully presented immaculate wealth of Wolf Sable double long coat with outer coat harsh in texture, she has a high set tail which is carried flat and straight and profusely covered with a long harsh spreading fanned out plume enhancing her super round shape and Pom outline, she has a straight front and she stands naturally four square on her tight compact neat cat-like feet, she has medium angulation, she is free moving brisk and buoyant and moves correctly afore and rear. A flamboyant, ultra-confident showgirl who did not put a foot wrong and is well equipped with a lively extrovert Pom personality that loves attention, handled to perfection. Best Puppy Bitch: Best Puppy in Breed: Rec CC  



-Show Results-

Uk Toy Champ Show 2022 - 1st PB, BPB, BPIB & RCC





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