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Introducing us

Nigel and I are both retired UK Police Officer's and after serving 25 years combined, we have, for the last 14 years turned our time and attention to our family and dogs. We love our family hobby of showing and as with everything we do in life we give it our full attention and commitment.

Two of our children, James and Tyler are also keen and accomplished handlers

Nigel and I have both passed "The Points of The Dog" exam with us both achieving 100% passmark

We have also sucessfully passed "The KC Requirements Of a Show Judge" exam with 94% and 98% passmarks and our Conformation & Movement seminar.

We have attended the South Of England Pomeranian breed specific seminar & assessment and both passed with 100% passmark. Shorthly afterwards we attended the Northern Pomeranian breed seminar part two and passed the hands on assessment & exam with 100% passmarks.

We also attended and passed The Pomeranian Clubs Breed Appreciation day with Assessment 

So we are now able and very happy to undertake judging commitments and our details are held on multiple Pomeranian Clubs Judging B lists

We have both completed our 12 stewarding days.

We are on The Northern Pomeranian Committee and look forward to supporting the club.

We have also attended the Russian Toy and Beagle breed specific seminars and have an interest in Maltese.


I am also a qualified and certified Microchip implanter


Our aim is to have the happiest and healthiest Poms that are of high enough quality in Type, movement, conformation and soundness so they can win in the show ring and compete to a highest standard against the best dogs in the world.

We take the health, comfort and wellbeing of our current dogs, future generations of Paavali Poms and the Pom breed as a whole, very seriously.

In order to make the right decisions and achieve the best possible outcome, we feel it is imperative to know as much as we possibly can about any related health issues that may affect dogs and especially the Pomeranian and learn as much about the day to day health of dogs and management of any injuries, illnesses, diseases or issues as they come along, as we can. So we can continue to achieve our goals at home, in the ring and for those of our family members that leave us to live in their perfect forever homes.


We have invested heavily in giving our dogs the best and having the right equipment in order to help us in any given situation, including purchasing a human grade Ultrasound scanner to assist us throughout the few pregnancies that we have here. An Ultrasound Dental Scalar so we can keep our dogs teeth clean and mouths healthy, so they don't have to undergo unnecessary veterinary treatments later on in life for this.

We have also purchased an Intensive care unit/incubator, which has already proven itself to be invaluable as it helped us save the life of our little puppy boy "Bear", amongst others


With the help of the South Of England Pomeranian Club we have been able to attend some amazing health seminars as listed below, which we believe have been of incredible value to us as individuals and for Paavali.


Canine Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia (CM/SM) & Canine Epilepsy - European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology Dr Clare Rusbridge - BVMS DipECVN PhD MRCVS


Soft Tissue & Collapsing Trachea - Surgical Specialist Consultant Professor Dick White - BVetMed PhD DSAS (STS) DVR DACVS DECVS FRCVS


Dermatology - Alopecia X - Dermatology Specialist Consultant Rosario Cerundolo - DVM DipECVD CertVD MRCVS


Neurology - Seizures & Epilepsy - Neurology Specialist Consultant Giunio Bruto Cherubini -DVM DipECVN MRCVS


Radiology - CT, MRI & Ultrasound - Diagnostic Imaging Specialist Consultant Anna Adrian - MA VetMB DipECVDI CertVDI MRCVS


Physiotherapy - Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy, MSc Physiotherapy Helen Fentem-Jones - MSc CatA ACPAT MCSP


Ophthalmology - Hereditary eye diseases - Ophthalmology Specialist Consultant Francesca Capaldo


Internal Medicine - Cushing's Disease - Medicine Specialist Consultant Rory Bell – MVB DSAM DECVIM-CA MRCVS FHEA


Pain Management & Anaesthesia - Anaesthesia Specialist Consultant Elizabeth Leece – BVSc CVA DipECVAA MRCVS


Orthopaedics - Luxating Petella, Canine legg perthes disease & Canine shoulder and Hip dysplasia - Orthopaedic Specialist Martin Owen – BVSc BSc PhD DSAS (Orth) DipECVS MRCVS


we have other seminars and exams booked and will update once we have attended them



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