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Champion Paavali's Mr Fantastic JW - "Stan"

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Critiques Cont...


WELKS Champ Show 2017

Breed specialist judge Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy -  2nd LD D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavali's Mr Fantastic JW. This small dark O/S creates an attractive picture in side stance. He is a little small all round but will meet the bottom of the standard. Sweet head and expression although ears a little obvious today. Well constructed although would like a little more turn on stifle. Moved well in front but not as positive in rear today as winner.  Very much between coats at the moment and lacking guard hair through his coat and plume in particular.


Birmingham National Champ Show 2017

Judge Brian Claydon - 1st LD D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavalis Mr Fantastic JW. This dog has a super outline, very balanced with a good head and dark expressive eyes, in just the coat to compliment his shape, a good showman and mover.


Paignton Champ Show 2017

Judge Mark Carcozza - 2nd LD - Awaiting critique


City of Birmingham champ Show 2017

Breed specialist judge Lynn Webster 1st LD & DCC and BOB D'arcy and Duffield,, Paavali's Mr Fantastic JW o/s good name, fab dog, he makes the ultimate Pom shape whatever he does, sweet expression keeping his head, ears and eyes firmly fixed on his handler at all times, shortest of backs, super tail set, well bodied on good straight legs of correct proportions, cat feet and moved so freely around the ring.  Enough coat but would like more please. Congrats on being short listed in the Toy Group.


Northern Pomeranian club open show 2017

Breed specialist judge Miss Jenna Chin - 1st LD D'Arcy and Duffields Paavalis Mr Fantastic JW. Orange Sable. Rising two, certainly coming into his own. Such a good type Pom. Made the perfect shape, standing and on the move. Prettiest of heads with intelligent expression. Correct bite with sparkling clean teeth! Nice eye, tiny ears, short coupled with good barrelled rib. Correct harsh coat which was trimmed to perfection. Good length of tail. Good bone with perfect cat feet. Very good mover, handler clearly knows how to get the best out of his dogs. Absolutely Fantastic! BIS.


South Wales Pom Club Champ Show 2017

Breed specialist judge Mrs Lynn Lythgoe - 1st LD

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