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Champion Paavali's Mr Fantastic JW - "Stan"

2 x BIS, 2 x RBIS, 2 x TG1, 4 x BOB, 4 x RCC. 2 x BPIS, 6 x BPIB + Stud book number & Qualified Crufts for life

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Show Judges Critiques Continued


Bournmouth Champ show

Vanessa Cox - (9,2) 2nd PD - D’Arcy & Duffield’s Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, attractive orange, pretty head & foxy expression, tiny ears & small dark eyes. Short back & well carried tail. Good legs & feet. Super coat for age, lovely pup who moved out briskly;


WKC Champ Show 2016

Judge Mrs E Stannard - 2nd D’Arcy & Duffield’s Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, very similar to 1 although not as true in front on the move yet. Good head shape with very expressive eyes, well placed ears. Compact body, in good coat


SKC (Aug) Champ Show 2016

Judge Mr R Morrison - (7,1a) Really pleasing class. 1st D'Arcy & Duffields’ Paavali Mr Fantastic, this exhibit caught my eye immediately, he is aptly named, has a very pleasing head shape, terrific expression, nose & lip pigmentation, his spherical profile outline is very eyecatching, he is good to go over, I loved his overall balance, also the presentation of his harsh outer coat, he most certainly can move out briskly, effortlessly & soundly, he will finish a quality one & one I will keep an eye on;


City Of Birmingham Champ Show 2016

Judge Mr E Engh (11,1a) 1st PD - Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, an attractive dog, strong & solid without being course. Well shaped eyes & ears small & well covered by coat making an attractive expression. Short, compact body. I would have preferred him just a little more up on legs. Lovely coat with his top coat starting to break through. Stood out in the class for carrying himself the best & keeping his outline on the move while using his legs well too;

Northern Pom Club Open Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Paty Charlton - 1st PD - D’Arcy and Duffield PAAVAL’S MR FANTASIC Caught my eye when he came into the ring such a lovely head and expression and ear set. Stood four square small compact dog correct tail carriage move true when he settled. A pleasure to go over, one to watch in the future & BPIS


Richmond Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Tina Holman 1st PD - Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, or/s, nice size & shape. Pretty head, neat ears. Good coat of correct texture. Moved & showed well & BPIB


Darlington Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Janet Rowley - 1st PD - D'Arcy & Duffield's - Paavali's Mr Fantastic, this absolutely stunning Orange certainly lives up to his name, fabulous structure, short backed, compact body, well-knit in frame, well rounded barrel, beautifully presented immaculate double coat of correct texture, lovely head and expression, black pigmentation, small ears, correct earset, correct mouth and bite, moved correctly afore and rear, excellent body and muscle tone, high tailset laid flat and straight with harsh plume, lovely shape, stands four square at all times on his small neat tight cat like feet, super little showman who was at one with his handler. He has an exciting future. Best Puppy  


South Wales Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Jean Stone 1st PD - D’Arcy & Duffield’s Pavali Mr Fantastic, 10 months and certainly lives upto his name. Such a showman catches your eye, a pretty head sweet expression, correct eye & ear carriage, correct mouth, lovely front, short in back with high tail set and correct angulation giving an overall lovely picture when stood. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.


Driffield Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Sue Sanderson (4,1) 1st PD - D’Arcy & Duffield’s Pavali Mr Fantastic, 10 months o/s viewed every which way looked outstanding. He was ideal for size, was short coupled, had a shortish neck into well laid shoulders & carried a crisp jacket of good quality & his tail enhanced his shape being flatly over his back, well fanned, his head contained oval eyes, slight stop & small ears giving an alert expression, in side profile he held his shape when moving on straight legs & neat feet which produced sound, purposeful movement, he has an air of importance about him & today he was just that as all his attributes were rewarded with BPD, BP


SWKA Champ Show 2016

Judge Mrs Norma Inglis (6) 1st PD - Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, exciting o/s with good ring presence. 11 months so nearing the end of his puppy appearances. Scampish expression & using his small ears to advantage. Eyes were dark in colour & a good size. Scores for neat body shape, short in back & well ribbed. Tail was high set & he looked a picture going around the ring, full of his own importance. Presented in lovely coat & condition. Striking puppy whose future must be bright. Impressive. BP & toy group finalist


South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist judge Mr Derick Kee -  (6) 1st JD - D'Arcy & Driffield’s Paavali’s Mr Fantastic, promising dog. Very eyecatching, sound quality, moved well, sweet head & expression. RCC;


LKA Champ show 2016

Judge Mr Stephen Goodwin - 2nd JD D'Arcy & Duffields Paavali's Mr Fantastic. Lovely head with good pigmentation, lovely size, fine bone, moved well in both directions, I liked him a lot but was unfortunately sick when in the ring, not giving his best today, such a shame as he has so many virtues.




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