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Ta Bozi's Wild Heart Star At Paavali (Imp Nor)

"Nestor" Page 2

1st Junior Dog Crufts 2019

BOB Manchester Champ Show 2019

1xCC, 1 x BOB,1 x RCC, Stud book

Qualified Crufts for life


- Nestor -

-Nestor's Show Critiques Continued-


Southern Pomeranian Club open Show 2019

Breed specialist judge Mrs Fay Matthews-Jones - LD 1st - Ta Bozi’s Wild Heart Star at Paavali (Imp) 18 months, looks beautiful in profile, dark eye although could be a better shape, well presented, neat ears of correct size, short neck into well laid shoulder, good body, fabulous coat of correct texture although would prefer better colour with less black patching, moved well


Blackpool Champ show 2019

awaiting critique


East Of England Champ Show 2019

Breed specialist judge Mr William Stone - LD (9,1) 1st D’Arcy & Duffield Ta Bozi's Wild Heart Star at Paavali (Imp Nor). Lovely d/s/o/dog nice size full of presence, full of breed type, super head with correct shape eyes with the neatest of ears correctly placed, short muzzle to compliment his head shape, good jaw line with a perfect bite, well laid back shoulders with short compact body, with a high tail set to finish with a super plume. Nice straight front with neatly trimmed feet all round in really good coat with correct texture, super constructed little dog with good weight, when he moved he stood out with his angulation and his full of attention, for me his movement was perfect in the ring, when finished he stood four square which was the typical pom in really good condition, well presented, my pick of the day, what a picture DCC and BOB.


The Spire Toy Dog

Judge Ms Lizzie Morley Open 2nd D'Arcy And Duffields Ta Bozi's Wild Heart Star At Paavali (Imp). Very nice impressive male, handsome in head but not over done. He stands four square and holds a very nice shape. he is well pigmented, good eye, ear and muzzle, well laid shoulder and short coupled. his angles are balanced front and rear and his high set tail completes the picture, moving he is sound all ways.


LKA Champ Show 2019

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Janet Rowley - LD 1st D’Arcy & Duffield’s Ta Bozi’s Wild Heart Star At Paavali (Imp Nor). Outstanding vivacious O/S, fabulous head and expression with small correctly placed ears, striking jet black pigmentation and a correct mouth.  This boy was delightful to examine on the table, he was presented to me in perfect condition with perfect muscletone, he has a super structure, well knit in frame with a well rounded barrel of rib, he is short and compact and has a short neck which is well set into his correctly placed shoulders. He carries a perfectly presented, profuse dense double coat, his outer coat is correctly harsh textured.  His tail is high set, carried flat and profusely covered with a long plume which touched his head adding to his perfect Pom outline as he stood naturally four square on his small compact, cat-like feet. He is free moving brisk and buoyant, he has excellent angulation and moved correctly afore and rear, he is a truly flamboyant, extrovert intelligent showman who commanded my attention, this boy did not stop showing off his virtues every second he was in the ring. He was handled to absolute perfection and is an asset to any kennel, he continued to impress and went on to win Toy Group 2. CC, BOB, TG2.


LKA Champ Show 2019 Toy Group

Judge Mr George Farmer - 2nd (Reserve) Pomeranian. This boy took my eye upon entering the ring and upon table inspection did not disapoint. He is a lovely size with good substance. His head was very much to my liking with a lovely expression. Super outline, so balanced good straight front, and well angulated in his rear, allowing him beautiful free movement and an easy stance. Correct tailset and nice coat to complete the picture.

Only beaten by the best in show winner from nearly 10,000 dogs.


The South Of England Pom Club Show 2020

awaiting critique

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