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Paavali's Maiden Voyage


Maddie is a very outgoing and loving little lady who enjoys being the centre of attention. She is Sunny's daughter and surprised us all by not being black like her parents. She is just beautiful and full of beans. Maddie has made her debut at The Southern Pomeranian Club Champ show where she won 1st in her class and 3rd in the special class. Its her first ever show at just 6 months and this has qualified her for Crufts 2013. Were absolutly delighted as she showed her little socks off and is an utter delight and privilege to be in the ring with.

Maddie has continued to delight us by already qualifying for Crufts 2014 and being awarded 2nd in Special puppy bitch at Crufts 2013! I love this little lady so much!

-Maddie's Show Critiques continued-


City Of Cambridge 2014

Judge Mr R,J Ellingford - 1st PG Pom - D'Arcy & Duffield's Paavali's Maiden Voyage compact very good eye, ruff and proportions, strong topline, good tail carriage 


-Maddie's show record-

The Southern Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2012 - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch

 + 3rd Special black or cream dog or bitch - Qualifying for Crufts 2013

Huntingdonshire Canine Society 2012 - 1st Junior Pom + Best Pup In Breed (BPIB) + Toy Puppy Group 2

The Spire Open Show 2012 - 3rd Pom Puppy

Lincoln Canine Society Open show 2012 - 1st Pom Puppy + Best Pup In Breed (BPIB)

Boston and District Canine Society Champ Show (No tickets) 2013 - 1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch In Breed (BPBIB)

Manchester Champ Show 2013 - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch - Qualifying for Crufts 2014

Cambridge Open Show 2013 - 1st Junior Pom + Best Puppy In Breed (BPIB) + Toy Puppy Group 3

Crufts 2013 - 2nd Special Puppy Bitch

Uk Toy Champ Show 2013 - Res Puppy Bitch

The Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2013 - VHC Puppy Bitch

The Northern Pomeranioan Club Champ show 2013 - 2nd Puppy Bitch

WELKS Champ Show 2013 - 1st Puppy Bitch + Best Puppy Bitch in Breed + Reserve Best Puppy In Breed

Loughborough and District open Show 2013 - 2nd Junior Pom Bitch

Southern Counties Championship Show 2013 - 2nd Junior Bitch

Melton Mowbray CS open show 2013 - 1st Novice Pom + Reserve Best Of Breed

Driffield Champ Show 2013 - 2nd Junior Bitch

Bridgeford District CS Open Show 2013 - 2nd Post grad Pom

Grantham District CS Open Show 2013 - 1st Post grad AVNSC

Hillsborough open Show 2013 - 1st Post grad Pom

South Of England Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2013 - 4th Junior Bitch

Lincoln Canine Open Show 2013 - 1st Post Grad Pom

Boston Championship Show 2014 - VHC Open Bitch

Cambridge Open Show 2014 - 1st PG Pom


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