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Persimoone Mambo N'Five At Paavali 



1 CC & 2 RCC

Stud book number & Qualified Crufts for life

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-Lucy's Show Critiques Continued-


SWKA Champ Show 2016

Judge Mrs Norma Inglis (7,4) 1st LB - Persimoone Mambo N’Five at Paavali, didn’t write anything negative about this cream & she impressed with her short neck, decent shoulders & short back. Head held great appeal with good colour of eyes & black nose & she looked at me cheekily. No confidence issues here. Harsh outer coat & lots of it. Neat feet & good bone. Accurate brisk mover going around the ring with head held high & tail curved over back. Came back into the challenge with another handler so not as settled as she was in the class. Am sure her day in the spotlight will come soon;


South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mr Derick Kee - LB (8) 1 D’Arcy & Duffield’s Persimoone Mambo N’Fire at Puavali, very attractive bitch, with good conformation, excellent mover, showed to perfection.


Manchester Champ Show 2017

Breed specialist Mr William Stone 1st OB - D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Mambo N' Five At Paavali. What a real quality light /cream bitch, excellent type, loved her head with a correct oval shaped eye with that intelligent expression, nice small stop with correct jaw line, excellent scissor bite with good pigmentation to eye rims and nose, she had correct placed neat small ears, clean well laid back shoulders onto a well ribbed up short compact body, she had a profuse coat with correct textured coat, lovely high tail set over her short backed body. and I must say well trimmed and presented, nice straight front with well trimmed cat-like feet all round, when she moved with that correct angulation and soundness, what I like to see. Full confidence and free moving, what a picture, she had that little bit extra, my pick of the day. BCC and BOB. 


The Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2017

Breed specialist judge Mrs Asrid O'Gilvie - 1st OB D'Arcy/Duffield's Persimoone Mambo n' Five at Paavali. 3 and half years stunner! My notes say wowee! Absolutely stunning head piece, tiny ears hidden in her beautiful cream coat. In stance she is like an ornament but her eyes tell you she is ready to take off any minute! She is not the biggest but she has had a litter and she has a good barrel and good body. Short in back with good tail set carried high. Super pigment throughout. Her movement was sound and with true Pom aplomb. I was delighted to award her her 3rd CC& RBIS & BOS. 


Northern Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2017

Judge Mr frank kane - Open Brood B 1st D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Mambo N' Five at Paavali, 4 years' lovely compact bitch, buoyant on the move and in lovely form. Good head and eyes! 


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