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Champion Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock JW (Imp Rus)

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Show Critiques Continued


Darlington Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Janet Rowley - 1st OB - 1st: James, D'Arcy & Duffield - Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock JW, A Quality vivacious Cream Sable compact dual purpose bitch, gorgeous head and expression with jet black pigmentation, correct mouth and bite, small correctly placed ears, short neck well set into shoulders, compact, well-knit frame, good turn of stifle, she has a super shape and naturally stands four square on neat, tight cat like feet, excellent body and muscle tone, well rounded barrel of rib, high tail set carried straight, perfectly flat and furnished with a profuse harsh plume, excellent movement afore and rear, free moving, brisk and buoyant, harsh textured immaculate dense double coat which was presented to absolute perfection, this girl has a fantastic extravert Pom personality, an outstanding little lady who sparkled and showed off her virtues non-stop, she is an asset to any kennel. She looked amazing in the Group CC and BOB


South Wales Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Jean Stone 1st OB - 1st: James, D'Arcy & Duffield - Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock JW, I have watched her come into her own this year what a beautiful lady, lovely size has all you want in a bitch, pretty head lovely shape short in back high tail set beautiful mover and when stood a picture presented perfectly & CC


SWKA Champ Show 2016

Judge Mrs Norma Inglis - OB (5,1) Small class but full of talent. It was a compliment to judge them but a cheerless task to rank them. 1 Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock, first rate wolf/s who scores highly in the required elements. Petite with short couplings & good ribs. So sweet in expression with dark eyes & good balance of skull to muzzle with finely finished foreface. She strides out with purpose with head held proudly, level topline & attractive tail carriage. Ideal show personality, she demanded attention & got it. Very glamorous & she was shown in good coat. Her turn out was admirable & is a lesson in presentation. Good things come in small packages & she captures that well. So willing to please & hangs on her owner’s every word. Adorable personality. With what she has to offer she is hard to ignore, could not resist her for the CC & a worthy BOB, toy group finalist


South Of England Pom Club Champ Show 2016

Breed specialist judge Mr Derek Kee - 1st OB James, D'Arcy & Duffields Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique and Swoat Wolf at Anglerock JW (IMP Russia) Very outstanding sound bitch with lovely body, wealth of coat and good expression. Beautifully presented, showed well. My bitch CC.


The Spire Toy Dog open Show 2016 

awaiting critique - 1st Open Pom


City Of Cambridge Open Show 2017 

Judge Nick Gourley - 1st Open Pom, A very strong class. 1st James, D'Arcy & Duffield's Ch Shlekovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock (imp Rus). Not surprised at all she had her Ch title. Beautiful type and text book shape and balance. Very sound away. In really good coat. Very close decision for BOB but the precocious youngster was determined to win today. RBOB


Isle Of Ely Open Show 2017

Judge Patricia Wells - A lovely class. 1st Open Pom - James, D'Arcy & Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock (Imp Russia.) JW. A very well balanced bitch indeed; pleasing head and nice expression. Lovely feet, balanced in angulation and moved very soundly BOB.


Nottingham KA 2017 

Judge Laurie hunt  1st Open Pom -  Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock. (IMP RUS) JW. Bitch. Res bob. Feminine with good eye colour dark lovely expression, ears placed well small and erect, full bit with strength to jaw, short neck into good shoulder line, fine bone legs straight with feet small cat like, compact body with back short, chest fairly deep, well ribbed, rear medium in width, tail set high and carried flat covered with long harsh hair, moved very well free with brisk buoyant gait. I thank the secretary and committee for making me feel very welcome, also my steward Wayne who kept the ring running smoothly, I had a very enjoyable day and thanks to all for my entry.


Spire Toydog 2017

Judge Irene Robb - 1st Open Pom, James, D'Arcy & Duffield's CH Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock JW (imp) 2yrs. Larger type with sweet appealing appearance. A dark eye with mischievous expression. In good coat that was well presented. Moved out well and stood square at all times, showing the correct shape on stand. Good teeth. Overall a lovely specimen and put in a good performance.


North Lincs Dog Club 2017

Judge Susan Dykes - 1st Open Pom - D'arcy & Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock (IMP) Another beautiful Pom from same kennel as previous. Lovely head with correct shape eye and good ears. Correct bite. Cobby & compact, short coupled body & well angulated either end. Excellent coat & condition. Gd tail set & carriage. Steady & free moving. Close decision for BOB


Northern Pomeranian Champ Show 2017

Judge Frank Kane - Open Bitch Excellent class and the top two were hard to separate. 1st James, D'Arcy & Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wold at Angelrock JW Beautiful 2 ½ years - lovely shape, balance and buoyant movement. Excellent firm body, just a touch wide in her front action. Scored slightly in eye here. Beautiful face and carried herself well. CC and Reserve Best in Show.


WELKS Champ show 2017

Breed specialist judge Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy OB (7) Two beautiful bitches, both looking their best, headed this class. It took me a while and I was splitting hairs (and some) again. The most difficult decision in this entry. 1 James, D'arcy & Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelrock (Imp Rus) JW. This well known W/S was in full bloom, beautifully presented and handled. She carries an excellent double coat with good textured plentiful guard hair and carries a full plume. Her head proportions are correct and give a lovely expression, in particular her eyes are beautifully shaped and correctly sized.  Correct dentition. A short high set neck gives her a good outline both in stance and on the move. She is well ribbed but I would prefer just slightly more taper in the depth which would improve further her front action which, though perfectly straight is a tad wide when coming towards you. Soundly constructed positive rear. Beautiful feet. CC.


Birmingham Champ Show 2017

Judge Brian Claydon - 1st OB - James, D'Arcy & Duffield's Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelroc. Lovely moving bitch with a lovely head, eye and expression, good front, short coupled, nicely bodied, nicely angulated hindquarters, in good coat, a real showgirl.


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