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The Pomeranian Club Uk - Contest Of Winners 2022


Absolutely amazing results for our show team at the prestigious Contest Of Winners Show 2022
Angelrock's Bringing Up Baby with Paavali won Best In Show

Paavali Arya's Heart N'Soul won Best In Show Puppy 2

Paavali's Paddington at Cassibawn JW won Best In Show puppy 4

Paavali's Rocket Man JW also qualified
'Baby' followed in her sires footsteps as 'Nestor' won The Contest Of Winners show in 2019 and we at Paavali are the only kennel to have ever won this prestigious show twice
'Baby's' dam 'Koko' was also Best in Show Bitch in 2018 so they really are keeping it in the family.

To qualify for the Contest of Winners show the Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed from each championship show or breed club open show throughout the year receives an invitation to compete. If the BOB has already qualified that one invitation rolls down to the next in line. So, to have 4 Paavali Dogs qualify is a huge achievement on its own. Halo & Paddy qualified for both the adult and puppy competition which is just incredible.

We'd like to thank the Pomeranian Club Uk for running this show, the Judge Ms Zena Thorn-Andrews for thinking so highly of our dogs and Chibaya Photography for the pictures

Some of our amazing achievements

Baby wins Best In Show at The Pomeranian Club UK - Contest Of Winners 2022

Halo wins Best In Show Puppy 2 at The Pomeranian Club UK - Contest Of Winners 2022

Paddy wins Best In Show Puppy 4 at The Pomeranian Club UK - Contest Of Winners 2022

 Baby wins 5 RCC's while still a puppy

Baby wins her 1st Best In Show at The South Of England Pomeranian Club show 2022

Kobe is awarded his Junior Warrant

Baby wins RCC, Best Junior in Breed and Best Junior In Group at Blackpool Champ Show 2021

Nestor Is Joint Top UK Pomeranian 2020

Nestor is crowned a Champion

Ragnar wins Best dog & Reserve Best In Show at The South Of England Pom Club open show 2020

Ragnar wins Best In Breed Puppy and Toy Puppy Group 2 at Boston Champ show 2020

Nestor wins Best Of Breed & Toy Group 2 at LKA Champ Show 2019

Nestor wins Best In Show at The Pomeranian Club UK - Contest Of Winners 2019

Ragnar & Rumba both get to the Semi Finals at The Pomeranian Club UK - Contest Of Winners 2019

Ragnar wins Best In Show Puppy at The South Of England Champ show 2019

Nestor wins Best Of Breed from an entry of 93 Poms at East Of England Champ Show 2019

Hope is crowned as a Champion after getting her 3rd CC and Reserve Best Of Breed at Southern Counties Champ Show 2018

KOKO has won East Anglian TOP DOG 2017 & Contest Of Champions 2017 Semi Finalist &

Top Pomeranian CC Winner 2016 &

Koko is crowned Dog World TOP POMERANIAN 2016,

Koko is crowned Melissa Hills Memorial Awards BEST POMERANIAN 2016,

Stan is crowned OurDogs TOP POMERANIAN PUPPY 2016,

Koko is crowned Melissa Hills Memorial Awards TOP POMERANIAN BITCH 2016,

Lucy is crowned Melissa Hills Memorial Awards 2nd TOP POMERANIAN BITCH 2016,

Stan is crowned Melissa Hills Memorial Awards 2nd TOP JUNIOR POMERANIAN 2016.

Twice in 3 years we won the Bitch RCC at Crufts!

Crufts 2016 with Koko - Crufts 2014 with Bee!

We are a UKAS certificated Kennel Club Assured Pomeranian Breeder and are also members of all 4 of the Pomeranian Clubs that are in England & Wales. We are based in Lincolnshire.

We have achieved the Kennel Club Assured Breeders accolade for breeding 3 or more dogs that have been awarded their stud book number and Crufts qualification for life.

Paavali Poms are a family affair with Nigel and I undertaking every part of loving, caring, owning, training, producing, handling, grooming and breeding our dogs.

Our Poms are our smallest family members and they all live full time in our home, they go on holidays with us and share days out. We love them all dearly. They bring us so much joy and we strive to give them the best of everything in return.

We show our dogs at Championship show level and have won many awards including Dog Worlds Top Pomeranian Dog 2016 (Koko), OurDogs Top Pomeranian Puppy 2016 (Stan), The Melissa Hills Memorial Awards Best Pomeranian Of The Year 2016 (koko) & Best Pomeranian Bitch (Koko), The Melissa Hills 2nd Best Pomeranian Bitch (Lucy) & The Melissa Hills 2nd Best Junior Pomeranian Of The Year (Stan). 2 x Crufts RCC's, 3 Best In Show, 7 Reserve Best In Show, 10 Best Of Breed, 28 CC's, 18 RCC's,12 Stud book numbers, 2 Best puppy in Show, 5 Best Puppy in Breed and Group placings ALL at championship level.

We are incredibly proud of our dogs and their individual pages allow you to see pictures of them, their wins and read what the judges thought of them.

Our son James is working hard looking after, training and showing Athene, a beautiful little Maltese girl. He is making us very proud parents with his continuing success. He has handled Sunny to Best of Breed and Best in Show, Trixy to many Best Puppy Bitch and Reserve Best Puppy in Shows and Athene to a Reserve at Crufts 2016.

We pride ourselves on our incredibly high standards and consider ourselves to be honest and etical in all we do.

As breeders we always look for the best in conformation, temperament and soundness and our breeding program focuses on health and quality so we can continue to show future generations in the ring against the best kennels from around the world. We work closely with some amazing kennels in the UK, Ukraine, Norway and Bulgeria so we can improve the quality of the breed throught the world and share these amazing bloodlines and dogs.

We breed and show a huge variety of colours that are permissible in Pomeranians, from the more common colours, being Orange, Black, Red, Cream and sables to the rarer colours including white, wolf and Parti.

We've achieved many awards but the proudest moments are winning The Reserve Best Bitch award at Crufts. Not just once but twice! Firstly, with Bee in 2014 and with Koko in 2016. That is such a massive achievement for any kennel as it means we have beaten many champion dogs and the best the world has to offer. Also being crowned Top Pom, Best Pom, Top Pom Puppy, Best Pom Bitch, 2nd Best Pom Bitch & 2nd Top Best Junior in the Uk 2016 is a dream come true.

It fills me with a huge sense of pride when i have stood with Nigel and James and 3 of our dogs, when we have won all the top honours at a show with Best puppy, Reserve best of breed and best of breed, as we have had the privilege of doing a few times now.

Our youngest son Tyler is now training and handling his own girl Bo 'Paavali's A Star Is Born' and we're delighted to see him loving every moment of it.

We owe a lot of thanks to our wonderful parents Von and Derek who tirelessly help and support us to achieve our goals and whom we would be lost without.

We breed to improve our dogs and continue our family hobby of showing. Therefore, we seldomly have puppies for sale but when we do, we vet any new homes carefully and only sell to discerning buyers.

When we don't have puppies, my advice to any Pomeranian buyer will be to look for a breeder that is a member of at least one of our breed clubs and who is also a KC assured breeder. Contact our breed clubs prior to agreeing a purchase as they will advise you accordingly. Links to the clubs are on our available page.

All the photographs used on this website are of dogs owned or bred by us. We reserve all copyright.

All the results and critiques used on our pages can also be found and verified independently on the offical Ourdogs website and in their newspapers.


 Paulette, Nigel, James & Tyler

Paavali Pomeranians

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