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Lucy is an amazing and faultless example of our stunning breed and has a character to match her unmistaken beauty. She is now a mum to two amazing boys Pippin & Merry.

At Lucy's first show she won 1st Pom Puppy, BPIB, BOB, TPG1 and TG2!!  

Since then she has blossomed into the most fabulous girl and has won her 1st CC at her first show in over 2 years. She then won herself the crown of Melissa Hills Memorial Awards 2nd BEST POMERANIAN BITCH 2016, only standing behind our beautiful Koko from 147 poms.

Her first show in 2017 she won Best Of Breed and her 2nd CC from 122 Entries. Her 3rd CC came quickly afterwards, so Lucy is now a UK Champion!

- Lucy -

-Show Results-


Lincoln Canine Open Show 2013 - 1st Pom Puppy, BPIB, BOB, TPG1 & TG2

LKA Championasip Show 2013 - 2nd MPB + Qualifying for Crufts 2014

Boston Championship Show 2014 - 1st Puppy Bitch + BPBIB

Manchester Champ Show 2014 - 3rd Puppy Bitch

Cambridge Open Show 2014 - 2nd Junior Pom

Ely Open Show 2014 - 1st Junior Pom + BPIB + RBOB

Matlock and District open Show 2014 - 4th Junior Pom

The Northern Pomeranian Champ Show 2016 - 3rd LB & 1st Special Open Brood

Birmingham National Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB & BCC & RBOS - Stud book number & Qualified Crufts for Life

Southern Counties Champ Show 2016 - 3rd Limit Bitch

Blackpool Champ Show 2016 - 2nd OB

Paignton Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB

Bournmouth Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB

WKC Champ Show 2016 - 2nd LB

SKC Champ Show 2016 - 2nd LB

City Of Birmingham Champ Show 2016 - 2nd LB

Nothern Pom Club open Show 2016 - 1st LB & 1st Special Open Brood

Richmond Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB & RCC

Darlington Champ Show - 1st LB

South Wales Pom Club Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB

Driffield Champ Show 2016 - 3rd LB

SWKA Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB

South Of England Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2016 - 1st LB & RCC

Manchester Champ Show 2017 - 1st OB & BCC & BOB

The Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2017 - 1st OB & BCC & RBIS (CH Title)

Northern Pomeranian Club Champ Show - 1st OBB







Champion Persimoone Mambo N'Five At Paavali 



1 x RBIS & 1 x BOB & 3 x CC & 2 x RCC

Stud book number & Qualified Crufts for life

-Lucy's Show Critiques-


Lincoln Canine Society 2013

Judge Mr Nick Gourley - 1st Pom Puppy - D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Mambo N'Five. What a little cracker for 6 months - a very neat, compact package. Loved her foxy head and neat ears which were small and set high. Coat developing very well for age with soft undercoat and harsh outer coat. Created a proper little 'football' when stood and on the move aided by her short well set tail. Very sound and had the required vivacious, 'look-at-me characteristics. An easy BOB & BPIB.

Toy Group 2.

Toy Puppy Group Judge Mr Mark Sedgwick - GROUP 1 - Persimoone Mambo N'five (pom)


LKA Champ Show 2013 

Judge Mr Tom Mather - 2nd MPB - D'Arcy & Duffield's Persimoone Mambo N'five at Paavali. This cream sable presents a lovely outline, good head and attractive expression with excellent pigmentation. Well ribbed with good tailset. Sound and lively on the move


Boston Champ Show 2014

Breed Specialist Judge Miss Gillian Hull -1st PB - D'Arcy &Duffield's Perimoone Mambo N'Five. A cream girl of nearly 9 mths, she has a lovely coat, small ears with the sweetest expression, she's a lovely shape and moved well both to and fro, with her colour she looks so glamorous.


Ely open show 2014 

Judge - Mr Ray Moorland - Pomeranian J (3, 1) 1 D'Arcy and Duffield's Persimoone Mambo N'Five at Paavali, attractive young bitch, with coat of good texture, neat small ears, fine boned, straight front legs, standing true, moved freely + BPIB + RBOB


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