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James - Junior Handling

James is really enjoying his junior handling classes and has been greeted with a warm reception by all in the showing world.  He is trying hard to learn all the techniques and requirements involved to make him a good contender in future shows. He has now handled Sunny in his first ever breed class at Huntingdonshire Canine Society show and Won Best Of Breed with him. He also qualified for the National Junior Handling Semi-Finals at Richmond 2013. At The Spire Open show 2012 James won his Junior Handling class and also Best Handler of the day!! We are all so very proud of him and our dog Sunny. Well done James!!!


James has been doing so well that we feel it is time for him to have his own dog. Therefore he has been given full responsibility for training Trixy (Paavali's Cream Of The Crop). He has taken this role on with open arms and is consistently spending training time with Trixy along with attending Ring Craft classes to help them further this training. They made thier debut at UK Toy Champ show, where, the were fantastic and won best puppy bitch in breed and reserve best puppy in breed!

The following day at The Pomeranian club champ show they also won their class, Best Bitch puppy in breed and reserve best puppy in show!!!




















James Critiques


Romford DC Show 2011 - James Duffield 2nd 6-11 years JH

A young man who was smartly dressed and very polite. Gentle handling of his dog at all times. Good speed when moving his dog with good pattern work! Judge - Tammy Pocock


Huntingdonshire CS show 2012 - James Duffield 2nd 6-11 years JH

Wanted to write about this little man. He and his dog were presented professionally. He always made sure his dog was well groomed and put lots of effort in to try to make sure things were done properly. James is a future perfectionist! Judge - Steph Marston-Pollock.

James also took BOB with Sunny on this day :)


Show results


Isle Of Ely Show 2011 - 2nd JHA

Hinckley show 2011 - 3rd JHA

Romford Show 2011 - 2nd JHA

Bedford and District show 2012 - 4th JHA

Huntingdonshire Canine society 2012 - 2nd JHA and Best Of Breed (BOB)

The Spire Open Show 2012 - 1st JHA and Best Junior Handler

Lincoln Canine Society open show 2012 - 3rd JHA

Upwell Dog Training Dec 2012 - 1st JH and Best In Show (BIS)

Cambridge Open show 2013 - 4th JHA

Uk Toy Champ show 2013 - 4th JHA

UK Toy Champ Show 2013- VHC - YKC 6-11 years

UK Toy Champ Show 2013 - 1st MPB, BPBIB and RBPIB with Trixy

The Pomeranian Club Champ Show 2013 - 1st MPB, BPBIB and RBPIS with Trixy

The Northern Pomeranian Club Champ show 2013 - 1st MPB, BPBIB and RBPIB with Trixy

WELKS Champ show 2013 - 1st MPB with Trixy

Loughborough and District CS Open show 2013 - 1st Puppy Pom and 2nd JHA

LKA Champ Show 2015 - 2nd PB with Alyana (Maltese)

Boston Champ Show 2015 - 2nd PB with Alyana (Maltese)

Upwell best in show trixy 2